Lab News

Our paper with the Bales and Shah labs showing that voles without OxtR still pair bond and parent is out now in Neuron! Congrats to Kristen Berendzen, Ruchira Sharma, Rose Larios, Nastacia Goodwin, and Michael Sherman for their work!

January 2023

Congratulations to Kristen Berendzen on her new review on oxytocin signaling in Affective Science!

October 2022

Josh Steighner is joining the Manoli lab!

July 2022

Congratulations to Nerissa Hoglen on her new review on sensory integration in mating systems in Frontiers in Neural Circuits!

July 2022

Congratulations Kristen Berendzen on being a 2022 PSSP Scholar

May 2022

Congrats to Shuyu Wang and Kimberly Long on their commentary on Esr1+ VMHvl cells in Neuron!

March 2022

Congratulations Rose Larios, PhD on graduating from the Neuroscience Graduate Program!

September 2021

We are honored to be the 2021 recipient of the One Mind Janssen Translational Rising Star Award in Memory of Jeffrey S. Nye and excited to be working with Inscopix, and thank them both for their support.

August 2021

We are recruiting for a postdoctoral position. Please click here for details, and email Dev if interested.

August 2021

Gina, Shuyu, and Ruchira to present at Vole Meeting 2021 (August 12-13)

August 2021

Manoli Lab welcomes new intern, Karen Rincón Romero

August 2021

Audrey Jordan is joining the lab as Junior Specialist. Welcome Audrey!

August 2021

Congrats Denis on getting hired as Junior Specialist!

August 2021

The Manoli Lab is excited to be a part of a SFARI Collaboration on Sex Differences in Autism led by Stephan Sanders with David AndersonXin JinTomasz NowakowskiNenad SestanVikaas SohalJessica Tollkuhn, and Donna Werling 

July 2021

Alex Keip is joining the Manoli Lab!

July 2021

Congrats Kristen on earning the Weill Award for Clinician Scientists in the Neurosciences

June 2021

Congratulations Kristen on your appointment as Adjunct Instructor in Psychiatry!

June 2021

Manoli Lab welcomes new intern, Denis Galo

March 2021

The Manoli Lab is honored to be a recipient of a SFARI Summer 2020 Pilot Award

January 2021

Congrats Kristen on receiving the Animal Social Aging Network Pilot Grant

January 2021

Congrats Kristen on earning the ADRC Developmental Project Award

December 2020

Congratulations Gina on being selected as a UCSF Discovery Fellow!

September 2020

Congrats Kristen on receiving the Fellowship Research Grant from Larry L. Hillblom Foundation

July 2020